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Welcome To Abbi Mae’s Closet!

abbi-mae in front of Christmas tree

I am so glad you are here and I’m sure you have some questions. If one of those questions is “who or what is Abbi Mae’s Closet”, well, Abbi Mae is our now 5-year-old granddaughter (pictured above) and the closet is her closet but also represents your closet as well!

Closets are a magical mystical place where dreams and fantasies come to life! You open a closet door and at the same time open up a multitude of choices of who or what you want to dress like! From simply being yourself in your favorite “comfy” clothes to all out being a prince or princess ready for a night out on the town.

I just play the small part of being able to dress you in whatever or whoever you want to be for that day!  I love sewing and love seeing people look their best! So much so that I’ve been sewing for 35+ years and while I have not “sewn it all”, I have “sewn” a lot and have gone through more needles than I can count!

Abbi Mae’s Closet is located in Belton, SC which is in Anderson County. And just about as equal to my sewing passion is my farming passion. I also own and operate Barefoot Farms of Belton. For more information about the farm please visit

So whether you found me from my Google My Business website or doing a Google Search for “seamstress near me”, I’m just glad you’re here and if I can help you look your best, repair your ol’ favorite pair of whatevers, or even if you just want to come and check out the farm, I’ll be here! The best and quickest way to reach me is my phone at 864-380-2002

And just for fun, here’s a video my husband made a couple of years ago using my loom! Hope you enjoy!